Once in the historic centre of Venice, the road to the hotel can only be travelled on foot, as cars, motorbikes and bicycles are not allowed.

Reaching your accommodation with your luggage, across bridges and "calli", can be very tiring and complicated.

Good thing there are canals and it is therefore possible to book both transfers and water taxis.

If you arrive in Venice by plane, we recommend you book a transfer that will take you directly from there to where you will be staying.

We suggest you book online, in advance, to avoid unnerving queues at boarding points.

Since Venice is an island, you can reach it in three ways:

  • by plane;
  • by train;
  • by bus or car;

Arriving in Venice by plane

There are two airports close to Venice:

  • Marco Polo airport, located at Tessera, on the Venetian mainland (the closest);
  • the Canova airport in Treviso.

Once out of the airport, your options depend on where you are.

If you have chosen to land at Treviso Canova, you can reach Venice by bus, taxi or transfer... but only by land.

If, on the other hand, you disembark at Venice Marco Polo Airport, you can also choose a taxi or boat transfer.

At the bottom of this page you will find a list of bookable options, selected by us on the basis of a customer rating.

Arriving in Venice by train

Venice's Santa Lucia station allows trains to arrive inside the city. However, don't be fooled by the size of Venice compared to big cities like London or New York, because here you mostly walk, up and down the bridges.

Once out of the station, you could opt for a public service boat, but then you would quickly realise that you have made a bad choice: for many hours of the day the lines are overcrowded.

So what is the best solution?

Obviously a water taxi to take you to your hotel. Book it online to avoid the risk of not finding a free one and to get a good price.

Arriving in Venice by bus or car

As explained above, cars and buses cannot enter Venice. The island is connected to the mainland by the Ponte della Libertà, which is several kilometres long.

At the end of this bridge you reach Piazzale Roma, or the island of Tronchetto: in both of these places there are pay car parks.

Obviously also in this case we suggest a taxi or water transfer to reach your accommodation.

Keep in mind that a Venetian takes about half an hour to walk from Piazzale Roma to St. Mark's Square.

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