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Like any self-respecting Italian city, Venice too has a long culinary tradition.

The fact that in Venice people move on foot has meant that the "taverns" have done their utmost to create small dishes, quick to eat: the so-called Venetian cicchetti.

Small morsels to be savored between a "ombra" (a glass of wine) and the other, between a tavern and the tavern a few steps further.

However, it is often not easy to find these places of worship, as Venice has so many streets, alleys and alleys that it is a real labyrinth.

This is why it is always better to rely on a local guide, who will accompany you to the best taverns in Venice. Yes, because there are so many imitations and only Venetians know what real Venetian bacaro are.

On this page we offer you some experiences not to be missed in Venice. You can find them in the posters below.

Book a food and wine tour in Venice

Book a shared gondola ride
Book a food and wine tour in Venice

Savor Venetian cuisine while having fun in the streets and taverns frequented by Venetians

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Book a dinner or an aperitif in Venice

Live an unforgettable experience having dinner or toasting in a Venetian location of other times

Typical dishes of Venice

You may be wondering what are the typical Venetian dishes.

Fish is certainly very present in Venetian cuisine, given the history of Venice, famous for being the most important of the Maritime Republics, in the Italic peninsula.

So we can only list the "sarde in saòr", the various "fish risottos" and all the dishes based on cod: it often happens in fact to find "crostini with creamed cod" among the counters of Venetian taverns.

Do not forget the "bigoli in salsa" (large spaghetti with a hole in the center, sautéed with an anchovy sauce), "shrimps alla busera" and "polenta". The latter is almost always present in main courses and hot appetizers, such as the famous "schìe with polenta".

As for meat, a famous Venetian dish is "Venetian liver".

All dishes that obviously must be paired with good Venetian wine.

Before sitting down at the table, however, do not give up on the famous spritz, prepared both with Aperol and with Bitter or Select, depending on your taste.

If you are passionate about discovering local dishes, book one of the food and wine tours that we offer on this page.

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Venice, ombre, cicchetti and taverns: a real labyrinth

In Venice it is easy to lose the compass between streets and taverns that have very little of Venetian, so entrust yourself to a local guide.

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