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There are various internet sites where you can book a gondola ride.

After checking at least ten of these sites, we made our own selection, creating a list of gondola tours that is fairly large and reasonably priced.

In addition, the starting points of these gondola excursions are always in central areas and close to the main points of interest in Venice: near Piazza San Marco, Riva degli Schiavoni, Bacino Orseolo, and via 22 Marzo.

And if you're passionate about Venice's way of life and enjoy boat travel, don't miss the boat tours to Murano, Burano, and Torcello, the stunning islands of Venice.

In an attempt to facilitate your search on the web regarding the best gondola tours in Venice, we at TourVenezia.com have grouped them into the two most sought after types:

Book a gondola ride

Book a private gondola ride
Book a private gondola ride

Book a private gondola ride: the gondola will be all yours and for the people you love.

Book a shared gondola ride
Book a shared gondola ride

Share your gondola ride with other people to spend less.

If you want to see all the options for gondola tours in Venice that we have in our catalog, click here.

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  • Category: Romantic
  • Price starting from: €29.50
  • Where to book: Click here

Why take a gondola ride in Venice?

Seeing Venice without taking a gondola ride is like going to the mountains in winter without skiing, or at least feeling the thrill of sliding on the snow.

The gondola is an ancient boat, which brings with it centuries of knowledge and tricks.

Every part that makes up a gondola has its reason. Even the gondolier has his reason.

Unravel the air of mystery that hovers over these fabulous boats and let yourself be transported among the canals of Venice, perhaps for a romantic tour in Venice.

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