Venice Vivaldi concert at San Vidal Church
San Vidal Church in Venice
Interpreti Veneziani concert in Venice

Come and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Venetian Baroque music! In the evocative setting of San Vidal, located in the heart of this unique city in the world, you can experience an unforgettable experience.

Here, the notes of Antonio Vivaldi, Tomaso Albinoni, Giuseppe Tartini, and Gioachino Rossi come to life, taking you on a journey through the centuries.

Feel the magic of Vivaldi's violin, let yourself be carried away by Albinoni's sweet harmonies, discover the genius of Tartini and Rossi, as their compositions fill the sacred space with emotion and beauty.

Check the calendar to discover dates, times, performers, and concert programs and get an unforgettable experience!

Discounts are available for students up to 25 years old, over 65s, and groups of people.

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